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Branding & Design

Impressions matter and in the online space, users cannot shake your hand or see your smile so they make judgments based on what they can see only. If you suspect your brand may not be presenting its best foot forward, we can help to polish and even reboot your brand's look and feel, ensuring a consistent brand experience across the communication channels that matter.

Web Development

We help clients to present themselves online in the most positive and accurate way possible via their website. Whether it's an e-commerce site intended to drive conversions or a branding site simply to engage with interested users, we can help.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is ubiquitous and it's essential for brands to understand what opportunities and challenges social media offers. While not all brands will have the same relationship with social media, we can help to map out a strategy that makes the most out of the social media channels where your target audience is spending time. We can also help craft effective social media campaigns which get response.

Traffic Generation

Build it and they will come....right? Unfortunately, this is WRONG most of the time and having a sound traffic strategy to get users to your online content is critical. We can help you drive traffic through a variety of strategies. Having an idea is great, having a plan to make it happen is better.

Online Advertising Campaigns

We can help drive traffic to your online channels through a variety of techniques including: Pay Per Click (PPC/SEM) advertising, Banner advertising, Mobile advertising, Social Media advertising and more.

Branding and Design

Without proper design and branding on the onset, it could be very difficult to position yourself in the market. Moonlight maximizes the history and personality of the brand in establishing the right branding.

Web Development

Design that will be equally beautifully displayed on all your devices, tablet, smartphone or computer. Moonlight provides a team of web developers experienced in building web applications, from content management systems and e-commerce, to the back end systems that run your digital branding.

Database Marketing

Moonlight can assist with your company’s database marketing efforts - from planning to execution. We can help understand the data of your email marketing campaigns and formulate strategy to optimize results.

Reporting and Analysis

We believe numbers and data are critical for brands in implementing as well as evaluating effective strategies. These are the things that separate opinions and wishful thinking from strategically informed decision making. We can help your company to identify where and how it can analyze critical data to aid decision making.

Content Creation

Having the right content to offer your audience can be the difference between a commodity and brand. Whereas the former is something that is undifferentiated in the market place among the consumers and price is the ultimate factor, the latter represents an ideal, emotion or aspiration. Content is what helps solidify this perception. At Moonlight ,we can help your brand to create compelling content which has impact.

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